T-Slot Extrusion, Conveyors, Barrier Guarding

Premium Hydraulic Pumps, Gas Boosters, Power Units & Accessories

Space Efficient Cylinders, Grippers, Guided Cylinders, Rotaries & Specials

Rodless Cylinders, Electric Actuators, FRL’s, Compact & ISO Cylinders

Aplex Technology Industrial PC Solutions

Grippers, Rotary Actuators, Hand Exchangers, Slides, Feed Excapements

Anti-Stiction Air Cylinders, Snubbers, Deceleration Dampers, and Dashpots

Brass Fittings, Flow Controls, DOT Fittings and Valves

SmartmotorĀ® Integrated Servo Motor Technology

Air Tool Accessories, Air Line Controls, FRL’s Quick Disconnect, Hoses

Cups, Generators, Ejectors, Mounting Accessories for Vacuum

NFPA Cylinders, Hydraulic Cylinders, Marine Grade Cylinders

Precision Ball and Cross Roller Slides, Positioning Stages, Actuators

Mechatronics Cylinder, Servo Controlled Actuators

High Speed, High Cycle Miniature Air Valves, 3-Way and 5-Way

High Performance Shock Absorbers, Gas Springs and Bumpers

Produces lift systems of the highest quality and precision. Flexible and efficient systems are used worldwide by manufacturers.

Ergotech designs and manufactures ergonomic factory equipment that safely speeds work output without worker strain fatigue or injury.

Tubing, Coil Hose, Multi-Tubes, Tethers, and OEM Tube Products

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Cylinders, SS Cylinders, Mill Cylinders and Specials

Pressure & Temperature Switches, Space Efficient Cylinders

Aluminum & SS Cylinders

Design and manufacture ergonomic industrial furniture.

Air Driven Hydraulic Pumps, Gas Boosters, Power Units & Accessories

Self-Feeding Automatic Drill Units, Synchro Tapper Tapping Units