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Featured Product Lines for Automation Components

We take pride in stocking and distributing a wide range of automation components from globally acclaimed brands like MayTec, Ross Controls, Compact Automation, and Parker Origa, ensuring that the foundation of your projects is fortified with high-quality engineering components. Learn more about each of our distribution partners here to discover the right solution for you.

MayTec Logo

– T-Slot Aluminum Extrusions

– Base Frames

– Custom Workstations

– Safety Guarding

Ross Logo

– Pneumatic Valves

– Safety Valves

– Air Preparation Units

Compact Logo

– Space Efficient Pneumatic Cylinders

– Specialty Pneumatic Cylinders

– Turn-Act Rotary Vane Actuators 

– Guided Cylinders

Parker Origa Logo

– Pneumatic Rodless Cylinders

– Belt and Screw Driven Electric Cylinders

– GDL Roller Guides

– Aplex Technology

– Industrial PC Solutions

AGI Logo

– Grippers, Rotary

– Actuators

– Hand Exchangers

– Slides, Feed Escapements

Nason Logo

– Pressure & Temperature Switches

– Space Efficient Cylinders

Coilhose Pneumatics Logo

– Air Tool Accessories

– Air Line Controls

– FRL’s Quick Disconnect

– Hoses

Coval Logo

– Cups

– Generators

– Ejectors

– Mounting Accessories for Vacuum

Ormec Logo

– XD Indexer

Cunningham Air Cylinders Logo

– NFPA Cylinders

– Hydraulic Cylinders

– Marine Grade Cylinders

Del-Tron Logo

– Precision Ball and Cross Roller Slides

– Positioning Stages

– Actuators

Dyadic Systems Logo

– Mechatronics Cylinder

– Servo Controlled

– Actuators

Dynamco Logo

– High Speed

– High Cycle Miniature Air Valves

– 3-Way and 5-Way

Enidine Logo

– High Performance Shock Absorbers

– Gas Springs and Bumpers

Ergo Swiss Logo

– Produces lift systems of the highest quality & precision.

– Flexible & efficient systems are used worldwide by manufacturers.

Ergo Tech Logo

– Designs & manufactures ergonomic factory equipment that safely speeds work output without worker strain fatigue or injury

FreelinWade Logo

– Tubing, Coil Hose, Multi-Tubes, Tethers, and OEM Tube Products

Graco Logo

– Air Driven Hydraulic Pumps, Gas Boosters, Power Units & Accessories

JIT cynlinders logo

– Hydraulic and Pneumatic Cylinders, SS Cylinders, Mill Cylinders and Specials

Pneumatic Cylinders Logo

– Aluminum 

– SS Cylinders

Sovella Logo

– Design


– Manufacture ergonomic industrial furniture

Sucino Logo

– Self-Feeding Automatic Drill Units

– Synchro Tapper Tapping Units

Macron company logo

– Linear Robotics

– Belt Driven, Screw Drive, & Specialty Actuators

– Robotic Transport Units

Tro-Mation Line Card

Our featured brands include MayTec, Compact Automation, Ross Controls, and Parker Origa. View Trol-Mation’s full lineup of distribution partners in one handy document.

Trolmation Line Card
Trolmation Line Card

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As a top distributor of automation components, both client satisfaction and employee care are two of our highest priorities at Trol-Mation. We believe that good client relationships are fostered through integrity, clarity, and dedication to safety and quality. This emphasis translates over to the relationships we maintain with our employees as well, ensuring their voices are heard and their needs are always met.

We exist primarily as a referral business, owing the majority of our success and client retention to the reputation we have forged for ourselves through years of dedicated service to our customers. This reputation is built upon Trol-Mation’s commitment to quality, our mission, and clients alike. We provide exactly the service and product that they are looking for, with an emphasis on clear communication and timely delivery.

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