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Welcome to Trol-Mation, Your Premier Partner in Automation Components, Aluminum Extrusions & Engineering Design Solutions

Trol-Mation excels in providing top-tier products and solutions that encompass our specialty in T-slot aluminum extrusions, engineering design services, and automation components distribution. As your trusted partner, our commitment lies in delivering excellence through cutting-edge engineering design solutions, offering an array of featured products from distinguished brands of automation components that cater to a diverse range of industrial automation needs.

Highest Dedication to Quality

Serving the industry for over 40 years, Trol-Mation specializes in MayTec T-Slot aluminum extrusions, custom assemblies, and a comprehensive range of automation products.

Featured Product Lines for Automation Components

We take pride in stocking and distributing a wide range of automation components from globally acclaimed brands like MayTec, Ross, Compact Automations, and Parker Origa, ensuring that the foundation of your projects is fortified with high-quality engineering components.


T-Slot Aluminum Extrusions

Base Frames

Custom Workstations

Safety Guarding

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 Pneumatic Valves

 Safety Valves

Air Preparation Units

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Space Efficient Pneumatic Cylinders

Specialty Pneumatic Cylinders

Turn-Act Rotary Vane Actuators

Guided Cylinders

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Pneumatic Rodless Cylinders

Belt and Screw Driven Electric Cylinders

GDL Roller Guides

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A Glimpse Into Trol-Mation’s Aluminum Extrusion Shop

We specialize in custom aluminum extrusions including t-slot aluminum extrusion frames. We thrive on helping clients with an array of projects including safety guarding for machines, robotic guarding and enclosures, customized carts and workstations, base frames for manufacturing companies, and more. Let us help you with your next aluminum extrusion project!


Engineering Design

Engineering design is one of our staple offerings. Our adept team of automation engineers excels in the intricate art of designing MayTec premier aluminum extrusions and automation systems tailored to meet the unique needs of your projects.

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Website- Fabrication

Custom T-Slot Aluminum Fabrication

MayTec offers a comprehensive, harmonized aluminum extrusion profile system, perfect for lightweight, durable extruded aluminum framing. All aluminum extrusion profiles can be machined and combined in any way imaginable at our fully equipped aluminum extrusion shop.

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Aliminum Assembly

Aluminum Extrusion Assembly

The MayTec profile system is easy to process and quick to assemble. Its flexible and modular construction means it can be easily modified and is reusable at any time. We can deliver a pre-assembled aluminum extrusion unit, or perform on-site assembly at your facility.

A Full Stocking Distributor for MayTec Aluminum Extrusion Profiles

Trol-Mation is a full stocking distributor for MayTec aluminum extrusion t-slot profiles. We offer design assistance, cutting, machining, assembly, and kitting with over 4 tons of t-slot aluminum profiles and more than 10,000 aluminum extrusion accessories in stock at our distribution and engineering headquarters in Syracuse.

You can unlock the power of MayTec T-Slot Aluminum Extrusions with our 3D design and plans service. Whether you’re an engineer, DIY enthusiast, or just starting your project journey, we’re here to help you along every step of the way.

Automation Distribution

Beyond our custom aluminum extrusion assemblies, we also specialize in distributing automation components of all kinds. From pneumatic cylinders to positional actuators, our experienced automation distribution team can help match you with the right solution for your automation needs.

Visit our Products page to learn more about each of the leading brands included in Trol-Mation’s automation distribution program, including Ross, Compact Automation, Enidine, and more. You can also download a copy of our full Line Card!

Why Work with Trol-Mation?

As a top distributor, both client satisfaction and employee care are two of our highest priorities. We believe that good client relationships are fostered through integrity, clarity, and dedication to safety and quality. This emphasis translates over to the relationships we maintain with our employees as well, ensuring their voices are heard and their needs are always met.

We exist primarily as a referral business, owing the majority of our success and client retention to the reputation we have forged for ourselves through years of dedicated service to our customers. This reputation is built upon our commitment to quality, our mission, and clients alike. We provide exactly the service and product that they are looking for, with an emphasis on clear communication and timely delivery.

Eager to kick-start your custom aluminum extrusion or robotic automation project? Your engineering design consultation is just a click away! Click the link below to effortlessly get in touch with Trol-Mation, your gateway to unparalleled engineering design solutions and premium automation components.

About Trol-Mation

Built on over 40 years of client relationships and competitive service, Trol-Mation is a second-generation, veteran-owned small business. We are a dynamic company, specializing in engineering design for custom t-slot aluminum extrusions, as well as reliable pneumatic valves, and pneumatic & electromechanical cylinders. We are dedicated to pioneering high-quality service in the realm of manufacturing companies, system integrators, and machine builders.

We enjoy working with our clients’ varying needs, addressing both creative and technical jobs alike. Our clients’ diverse spectrum of aluminum extrusion and automation projects includes safety guarding for machines, robotic guarding and enclosures, customized carts and workstations, and base frames for manufacturing companies.

Our Mission Statement

Trol-Mation is dedicated to providing the higihest quality of client service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and company spirit.

Our mission is to develop strategic relationships with our clients that allow them to support their customers with excellence.

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