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APLEX product categories cover logistic management systems, intelligent transportation management systems, building automation and monitoring systems, kiosk systems, etc.

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About Trol-Mation

Established over 40 years ago, Trol-Mation has always focused on outstanding technical support. In our earlier days we specialized in pneumatics, hydraulics, and Instrumentation. Several new products were developed by our Manufacturer’s as a result of our understanding an application challenge, and then finding a solution. We have assisted in many applications where our customers have received patents, and we hold patents for both processes and application solutions.

In the last 20 years, as our market has changed, the focus has gradually shifted to pneumatics and automation. We now represent some of the strongest lines in both areas. Need a pick and place solution with a 20 MILLION cycle warranty? Call us. Want to standardize on an extrusion company with the widest variety of profiles, the strongest, most versatile connection system, and the highest dedication to quality and R&D? Call us. Want Rodless cylinders that run 28+ Million Feet or more? Call us. Want the strongest, longest lasting shock absorbers in the industry, with the best warranty to back them up? Call us… You get the idea.

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